Hello world! Sorry it has been a long time and I am sorry for my “holiday” from posting! Vanilla has its place in my world but I have found that it is a tiny little corner of my world!  I must say that I am thrilled at where this absents has taken me!

I guess it was not meant to be… back to vanilla for me ): thanks for it all.

I am shocked!! No comments at all about my last post…. Either pissitive or negative….makes me thing I have been hacked or something!! (;

It is over. My choice and I am thrilled. We spoke yesterday, first time we have been together since January, and I desperately wanted to be roughly dominated, fucked silly and just let it all go. Long story short he said that it would be ok with him if I played with others and even have sex if I wanted,he wanted to revisit the rules and loosen them and that communication was not going to be better but hopefully not worse. I feel that by him saying the collar he gave me has completely lost its meaning & he lost my trust. He said that i should have defended him on my blog and that he just could not get past it but he should. Maybe I should have done better but i wanted to follow all the rules. Deep down I think I knew I was going to end it, I did not want to but still wanted one last total domination of my body…he was great at that when he wanted to be with me.! I know I was not the best submissive but it wa it was my first D/s adventure & i do thank him for opening my eyes. It is something I still crave…the domination…now I guess I am back to square one …vanilla nope…submissive yes!

Yummy photos in my position!  Who ever knew That they would look like this…

A little “yay me” wanting to go jump &down on the bed… Teehee, 

The photos I recently took have a been selected, some turned into black & white, & I hope to pick them up this week. I am anxious too see the final result of stepping out of my box. Not sure who I will show them too (if anyone) but I am proud of myself for another adventure. I hope the “wow I feel damn sensual, sexy and stunning” comes across…first time for everything!!!! (;