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It is over. My choice and I am thrilled. We spoke yesterday, first time we have been together since January, and I desperately wanted to be roughly dominated, fucked silly and just let it all go. Long story short he said that it would be ok with him if I played with others and even have sex if I wanted,he wanted to revisit the rules and loosen them and that communication was not going to be better but hopefully not worse. I feel that by him saying the collar he gave me has completely lost its meaning & he lost my trust. He said that i should have defended him on my blog and that he just could not get past it but he should. Maybe I should have done better but i wanted to follow all the rules. Deep down I think I knew I was going to end it, I did not want to but still wanted one last total domination of my body…he was great at that when he wanted to be with me.! I know I was not the best submissive but it wa it was my first D/s adventure & i do thank him for opening my eyes. It is something I still crave…the domination…now I guess I am back to square one …vanilla nope…submissive yes!

Sorry for the delay. More to come about the latest evening with Sir. Again, my apologies!



I only wish the camera was better, beautiful lace garter skirt, lace top stockings, mirrored table & red bondage tape, sir promises rope next time. Story to follow.

Another view

Sorry sir.

I am waiting for sir to send me our photos so that I may add them to my blog about when we were together Tuesday night. Please bare with me.

Brazilian wax~ done, manicure & pedicure ~ done, hair ~ done, ready yes but so very nervous. Almost like the first time, butterflies in my stomach, wanting to touch him so badly i ache, bounce in my step, mind racing 200mph. It has been sooo long. I hope I will not disappoint…


Being a gentleman will get you laid every time, multiple times.

You know what I am capable of under your caress, your guidance , you have exposed me, you have taught me what pleases you, what you desire, what you taste like, what makes your cock instantly hard for me, what I taste like and I am your submissive alone.  I am more than willing bend to your wildest fantasies, I am more than eager to learn and my body responds like it never has before. I need to please you while also gaining much pleasure, exposing desires that i did not know existed deep within me, fuck me, fuck my face, and many orgasms myself. Do not take me for granted, even though I love doing all of these “dirty” little things, being spanked, wonderful kinky things, fetish things please respect me since I am a reflection of you & I am yours. I trust you and you have made me a sensual, erotic, sexy, glorious woman for you to use for your pleasures, treasure me while I gain knowledge in how to make you proud of me. You should be ecstatic with what you have molded me into, making me whimper, moan, few limits anymore, cry out, growl, and beg. I am a creature that you have created for your deviant desires, lust, passionate release, and darkest wants. I am your wanton cock slut, I crave you as you crave me, your raw touch, your rough yet passionate kisses, please never doubt my submissiveness Sir.