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It is over. My choice and I am thrilled. We spoke yesterday, first time we have been together since January, and I desperately wanted to be roughly dominated, fucked silly and just let it all go. Long story short he said that it would be ok with him if I played with others and even have sex if I wanted,he wanted to revisit the rules and loosen them and that communication was not going to be better but hopefully not worse. I feel that by him saying the collar he gave me has completely lost its meaning & he lost my trust. He said that i should have defended him on my blog and that he just could not get past it but he should. Maybe I should have done better but i wanted to follow all the rules. Deep down I think I knew I was going to end it, I did not want to but still wanted one last total domination of my body…he was great at that when he wanted to be with me.! I know I was not the best submissive but it wa it was my first D/s adventure & i do thank him for opening my eyes. It is something I still crave…the domination…now I guess I am back to square one …vanilla nope…submissive yes!

Another view

Sorry sir.

My body, my mind, my thoughts, my feelings. Now they are his, his body, his mind, his thoughts, his feelings. I need his body to cum, without restrictions, without inhibitions and with his guidance. I ache.

do the rules take a holiday? Everyone is getting some time off for the holiday season, traveling, remaining at home or just being with friends. In a long distance D/s adventure do we still follow ¬†them while we have a tiny vacation? I need rules to maintain my body, spirit (having been crushed recently by someone I will never know & i hope that they are in a better place) and my emotions. It’s is a time of year that people either love or hate, I love it it need to know if I am allowed to follow the Rules. it has been such a long time, does it matter to him, what if I don’t (I would tell immediately) if I did not, and then what,?!?!! I am just thinking out loud because I need to know which way is up!! (:¬†