Nude stockings, garter belt, black & cream ass hugging pencil skirt, silky black blouse and Ben Wah balls all day!

First of all I am here. Mmmmmm,. I am sensual, I am confident, sexy as all get out, my body is loving what I have worked so hard for and I have never said  it before but I am stunningly beautiful. I can turn heads when I walk in a room, I can make conversations stop in mid sentence between both men and women. I am not 100% sure what will happen in the next few days but I will say it has been a thought provoking week & I am not sure what will happen but i am ready for what will happen next. I hope it will involve smiles &not tears but we will see. (: 

Now what… Past few days have been a blurr. Not sure which way is up…I know what I desire…I know what I crave…I know what I have become but what I do NOT know is what to do with this newness now. Hummmm

Not really sure which direction to go…vanilla or adventure? Things have a way of making me quiver and now I do not know what to do. Ugh!!

I have tears in my eyes ready to fall because I disappointed sir. I missed three direct requests. The first was to fuck my ass, video it and send it to him. As he requested I fulfilled my assignment but technology sucks. I sent it then erased it before confirmation. It took me about 2 weeks to find enough time since I am training my ass for his pleasure. I shook and cried when he said aid could not see it. My second assignment was to make myself cum and send that to him as well. I could not find the time. It sounds silly but my “me” time is previous and I would run cum when I had a moment but then be so upset I could not enjoy it because I had forgotten to grab my phone To be able to complete sirs request. Quivering all over not in a good way. The third is my most upsetting because it is something I did for me that would benefit him. I had photos taken. Sir wanted me to share them but my computer is getting fixed and Iwill not send them from work!!! I feel like I am a mess, I am scared of wHat my consequences will e and I just want to make sir happy. All three evenTs were my fault in one way or another and I am beyond crushed that I disappointed sir. I want to share my growth that sirs guidance has allowed me to share. I am grateful for his strength when I am weak. I only wish he could feel me shake, hear me whimper and know my sorrow 

Sir I have to tell you it was spectacular ! I felt so….glorious. 
I arrived at the hotel feeling a little anxious. He met me in the lobby and we went outside on the patio to have a drink, he remembered a conversation we had several weeks ago and had champagne with St. Germain waiting for me. We confirmed what we wanted to accomplish with the shoot and headed upstairs. We got to the room and he had all his equipment set up, lights, cameras on the table with their lenses at the ready. He suggested that I go ahead and touch up my hair, make up ( no lipstick yet), get my toys out if needed and get undressed as so as to not have any marks on my skin, give them time to disappear before we started. I complied and found it easier than I thought it would be to just be working on my makeup wearing nothing but a towel!! LOL
Once finished he told me kind of what to expect, how we were going to start, so I took a big sip of water, tossed the towel over the chair, walked across the room and crawled in the center of the big fluffy bed with white sheets and lots of pillows. He said for me to just prop myself up on the pillows and let him do a few light checks. It was very relaxing and he said I was “stunning, beautiful, luxurious, a treasure & sensual”. I laughed. He said he was lucky to be the one getting to take these pictures. Professional mantra I am sure. He said that he wanted to get a few pictures of my pussy first to start things off, so I sat up straight bent my knees, tightened my tummy muscles and spread my legs open at about a 60 degree angle. He started snapping away, I am sure I blushed because she suggested that I make myself cum to relax and not be so stiff. I jumped at the chance, spread my lips open and came quickly playing with your clit Sir. I collasped on the bed and i oozed juices and be said not to touch anything, me knelt down near the end of the bed & more flashes. He showed me on his camera saying your pussy was intoxicating sir. Then more of me just rolling in bed, him telling me how to lay, where to put my arms, to pinch my nipples. Then I rolled over, ass in the air and then on my knees, he said for me to stop as he moved my lips with his fingers so they were “smiling at him”. I laughed. Then I asked if I could play with your ass and he said of course. I put my new butt plug all the way in for the first time and started to play with myself, I loved the feeling and came hard, so hard that as I came he pushed it back in a little more because I was squeezing it out, he asked if he could cum on my back while i still had the butt plug in, no I said ….mmmm it felt so good & erotic. Then I played with ties, stockings, heels. Then I stood up against the cool window, and came again shaking in my black patten leather 5 inch heels. Then back to the bed for some body scape shots, arching my back when I came again. Then I stood against the wall and he took more of me with the reflection in the mirror…I felt pretty, sensual, exotic, so I came again. Then I crawled on the bed to recoup and that is when I looked up and he was playing with himself, he asked what my deepest darkest desire was.. I want two warm hard cocks double penetrating  me at the same time. Two men fucking me almost unconscious. Then when I am about to cum they switch and start ravaging me again. He came & I came hard. Then he took pictures of me just wrapped in the white sheets totally spent. It was amazing, quick shower, a few wet shots then I packed my bag, thanked him & headed home. Glorious and can not wait for our next shoot! 
I miss sir. I only wish he could have been there & I hope he can come to the next one…there will be rope and hopefully suspension at the next shoot. Yay me! 


Well, here goes nothing! Beyond out of “my box”. purrrrr