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It is over. My choice and I am thrilled. We spoke yesterday, first time we have been together since January, and I desperately wanted to be roughly dominated, fucked silly and just let it all go. Long story short he said that it would be ok with him if I played with others and even have sex if I wanted,he wanted to revisit the rules and loosen them and that communication was not going to be better but hopefully not worse. I feel that by him saying the collar he gave me has completely lost its meaning & he lost my trust. He said that i should have defended him on my blog and that he just could not get past it but he should. Maybe I should have done better but i wanted to follow all the rules. Deep down I think I knew I was going to end it, I did not want to but still wanted one last total domination of my body…he was great at that when he wanted to be with me.! I know I was not the best submissive but it wa it was my first D/s adventure & i do thank him for opening my eyes. It is something I still crave…the domination…now I guess I am back to square one …vanilla nope…submissive yes!

Sir I have to tell you it was spectacular ! I felt so….glorious. 
I arrived at the hotel feeling a little anxious. He met me in the lobby and we went outside on the patio to have a drink, he remembered a conversation we had several weeks ago and had champagne with St. Germain waiting for me. We confirmed what we wanted to accomplish with the shoot and headed upstairs. We got to the room and he had all his equipment set up, lights, cameras on the table with their lenses at the ready. He suggested that I go ahead and touch up my hair, make up ( no lipstick yet), get my toys out if needed and get undressed as so as to not have any marks on my skin, give them time to disappear before we started. I complied and found it easier than I thought it would be to just be working on my makeup wearing nothing but a towel!! LOL
Once finished he told me kind of what to expect, how we were going to start, so I took a big sip of water, tossed the towel over the chair, walked across the room and crawled in the center of the big fluffy bed with white sheets and lots of pillows. He said for me to just prop myself up on the pillows and let him do a few light checks. It was very relaxing and he said I was “stunning, beautiful, luxurious, a treasure & sensual”. I laughed. He said he was lucky to be the one getting to take these pictures. Professional mantra I am sure. He said that he wanted to get a few pictures of my pussy first to start things off, so I sat up straight bent my knees, tightened my tummy muscles and spread my legs open at about a 60 degree angle. He started snapping away, I am sure I blushed because she suggested that I make myself cum to relax and not be so stiff. I jumped at the chance, spread my lips open and came quickly playing with your clit Sir. I collasped on the bed and i oozed juices and be said not to touch anything, me knelt down near the end of the bed & more flashes. He showed me on his camera saying your pussy was intoxicating sir. Then more of me just rolling in bed, him telling me how to lay, where to put my arms, to pinch my nipples. Then I rolled over, ass in the air and then on my knees, he said for me to stop as he moved my lips with his fingers so they were “smiling at him”. I laughed. Then I asked if I could play with your ass and he said of course. I put my new butt plug all the way in for the first time and started to play with myself, I loved the feeling and came hard, so hard that as I came he pushed it back in a little more because I was squeezing it out, he asked if he could cum on my back while i still had the butt plug in, no I said ….mmmm it felt so good & erotic. Then I played with ties, stockings, heels. Then I stood up against the cool window, and came again shaking in my black patten leather 5 inch heels. Then back to the bed for some body scape shots, arching my back when I came again. Then I stood against the wall and he took more of me with the reflection in the mirror…I felt pretty, sensual, exotic, so I came again. Then I crawled on the bed to recoup and that is when I looked up and he was playing with himself, he asked what my deepest darkest desire was.. I want two warm hard cocks double penetrating  me at the same time. Two men fucking me almost unconscious. Then when I am about to cum they switch and start ravaging me again. He came & I came hard. Then he took pictures of me just wrapped in the white sheets totally spent. It was amazing, quick shower, a few wet shots then I packed my bag, thanked him & headed home. Glorious and can not wait for our next shoot! 
I miss sir. I only wish he could have been there & I hope he can come to the next one…there will be rope and hopefully suspension at the next shoot. Yay me! 


My task.

I am waiting for Sir. A long shower with my dark brown curls pinned & piled up on top of my head to stay out of the way of the hot water cascading along my smooth shoulders, over my back and then down my freshly shaven legs. I resist the strong urge to cum, I do not have permission and He will make me writhe under his touch soon enough. I reluctantly turn off the rejuvenating water, wrap a thick white towel around my frame and gaze into the ornate mirror. Sitting in the middle of what soon will be a rumpled mess i decide on dark eyes, long lashes, and deep burgundy red pouty glossy lips.

I turn on some music, pour a small glass of champagne and step back in the bathroom, shut the door, now that the steam is gone, to work on my hair. Sir wants it up and since it has grown it takes a little longer to fix it…silly curls. As I reach up to start undoing the curls my towel slides down my body & puddles on the floor, it is still warm in the room so I leave it, shocked at myself standing there in front of the mirror naked and comfortable with how Damn sexy I look, ha!

Once all arranged I notice the time. Sir will be here soon, I smile and a blush makes my entire body flush with anticipation. I walk out, still naked, of the bathroom, round the corner headed to the edge of the bed where I have laid out Sir’s requested lingerie and come face to face with my outstanding Sir…who is early. He arches an eyebrow at the fact I am naked, pink from blushing again, hair & make-up done and I almost ran into him. I slowly sink and drop to my knees, submission because this is who i am, “good girl but come here”, i stand and go to his extended hand. He says, “hello my Amanda” and then reaches for a box, opens it to show me the most gorgeous pair of impossibly high black heels, he reaches down, slipping them on my feet. He stands very pleased with his selection and just waves his hand for me to turn around slowly he almost whispers. “They will do nicely, Amanda, for what I have planned for this evening”. I shiver a bit at his domineering tone.

Sir grabs me, pulls me to him and kisses me until I am breathless. He kneads my ass as he teases my nipple with his other hand, I ask if I am to dress now and he sits on the small sofa across the room and says yes that he is just going to watch me. I put on a show for him. Slow, deliberate movements, over exaggerating every motion to give him the best view of his ass, pussy, his body. He has also brought me beautiful cuban heel stockings with floral lace tops, a new nude chemise with black embroidery & garters and of course no panties. I can see him growing in this gray slacks and I am getting moist with need, needing his touch again. Curiosity is racing through my mind as to his plans but I dare not ask, I just trust.

After I am ready and with his approval we leave, I take my usual place over his right shoulder, I am beginning to feel safe here. We step in the elevator he presses the first floor button and he presses me against the cool wall, pulling on my arms to expose my neck, yet careful not to mess my lipstick. When he is done nuzzling my neck and twisting a nipple he gently grabs my ass waiting for the elevator to slow before His hands smoothing my black dress back into place saying, “I do not share you, they can look but never touch”.

We walk to the valet, a few heads turn and the poor boy at the valet stand stammers as he tries to give directions to sir. When settled in the car I take a deep breath, Sir has something planned and I am thrilled and scared at the same time. Sir is playful and excited as well. I love this side of him, usually right before I get my spanking. Sir said we are going to run get a drink then meet some friends of his, a new twist. I am glad I ate a light lunch because the night is young.

We sit at the mahogany bar and he pulls me close, hand on my inner thigh, playing with my garter, my lace tops, teasing me because I squirm a bit because the bar is full. Sir loves this, pushing me. Sir says his friend “Lane” will be here soon and that he has not seen his friend in a while, I am nervous for some reason and excuse myself to the restroom to check my lips after my glass of champagne with Elderflower liquor. I want to look perfect for Sir, I want him to be proud of me. I have a feeling that his friend might be in the lifestyle as well.

I return and Sir is speaking with a gentleman. I pause in the hallway, watching sir, he sees me and stands up. I know this is for me to come NOW. I slowly walk to his side then take a step back, he takes my hand and introduces me, ” this is my gorgeous Amanda”. His friend smiles and says, ” you were right, she is stunning, you are a lucky son of a bitch”! I blush. We sit within an oval booth, I in the middle with my new drink. They start to reminisce and I am shocked at what they are discussing, and getting so very wet at the same time. Sir said he needed to eat for what he has “in store” so they order small plates. I am needing sir to touch me, he slides his hand under the table and reassuringly caresses my leg. They talk across me for about 45 minutes and I begin to feel like we are waiting for something or someone.

Sir tells Lane that it is late and maybe another time. I am not sure what was going on be Sir was acting a bit “short” after Lane left and we finished our drinks. We headed back to the suite via the toys store. When we arrived he was not so concerned about my lipstick or whether his lace top stockings were exposed in the elevator ride up.

It was raw as he unlocked the door, pressed me up against the wall, pulled my dress up and over my head in one motion, exposing me, new chemise, stockings & heels. He said for me to check my lips and he needed to run to the front desk, for me to be as he desired when he returned. As did as requested, I lit several candles too. Checked my make-up, fixed my hair, checked the toys and kneel with my collar in my perfectly manicured hands, waiting for my Sir.

I wait. I hear the click of the door but do not look up, ” you amaze me darling Amanda, who do you belong to?”. Without hesitation I speak, ” you Sir, I am yours alone”! He growls, ” good girl”! I am instantly wet. He begins. He stalks around the room turning off several lights and then tells me to stand. He tells me to undress him so I do. I am in his gifts and he is gloriously naked. He stands in front of me and I hand him the collar, he allows me to kiss it them he walks behind me and secures it, “breath Amanda, you are mine and I am so ecstatic that you are”.

He flicks my right nipple in a gently teasing way as he kisses me deeply, more so then ever before. He whispers he has a plan tonight as he slips the black silk blindfold over my pleading with curiosity blue eyes, avoiding messing my hair, then he pulls the pins out of my chignon one by one as my hair spills across my shoulders I hear him sigh. He teases me, his fingers just lightly touching the  tops of my garters when I hear the door lock click. I jump a little and he holds me and says “stay”.

he never leaves me. I hear someone maybe two enter the room, they seem to make their way to the sofa and then stillness again. I am sure I am visibly shaking, sir calms me with sweet words and assures me that it is fine. He tells me to kneel, he then rubs his cock on my lips after several moments and I greedily take him fully down my throat, I know I am to do beyond my best tonight, I want Sir to be proud of His Amanda. I play with his balls, I engulf him totally and make him gasp And he cums in my throat and I eagerly swallow and thank him.

He pulls my hair back and growls that he will make me cum NOW. I quiver at his tone. I still am blindfolded but have almost forgotten the others, almost. He leads me to the window, tells me to place my hands on either side, spreads my legs with his foot, he begins to tenderly caress my ass and then spank, spank, spank. Thank you sir after each one. I am too wet. Sir takes my wrists and holds them extended above my head and secures them with the cuffs I then hear a female voice whisper, ” you were right Lane, she is very lovely”. I almost cum, they are watching all of this tonight. Sir reaches down and caresses my warm ass, then his other arm snakes around my waist, then spank, spank, spank. His fingers then plunge into his wet pussy for the first time and my knees buckle, my arms are secure so my nipples and chest heaves upwards. I am sure that anyone outside of the window or in another building is enjoying a peep-show.

I need Sir in me now, he promised that he would never share me with anyone and it his terrifies me. I shake, he promises me again that they are here to only watch and that I do not have to even take the blindfold off if I do not want to. I tell him that if he wants me to take it off in a bit that is up to him but I would prefer to leave it on a while. He brings be to his edge several times with spanking me, playing with his pussy, his nipples and then gently beginning to play with his little rosebud of an ass.

rough, raw, passionate, greedy, show-stopping, lustful, glorious is how it is going to be tonight.

Sir picks me up and places me in the middle of the bed, he takes my wrists and ties them to the headboard with the ties I have gifted him, yummy. He then proceeds to remove the chemise & stockings but replaces the heels and then begins his glorious assault if my body. His strong fingers roam across my skin and tease, twist and tantalize every inch of me. His tongue delves all around, he opens my thighs to reveal to him just how wet with anticipation I am, dripping with lust for him, I hear his friend say “oh she is so ready, mmmmm”, I squirm. Sir then slides the butt plug he purchased earlier. this is the first time he and I have played this way and i squeal getting it in then i settle down. Sir smiles against my skin, and I know I am his alone. I forget everything else & I am his.

After what seems like hours of teasing, and begging he finally allowed me to cum. He has brought me to the edge more times then I can count, tears run down my cheek as he thrusts into me he takes the blindfold off and says look at me. I see his amazing blue eyes and know I am his. He is thrusting wildly, claiming me and we hear moans from the other side of the room. i can not look because I want to cum, need to explode around his cock as he splits me with every motion because he is so hard, solid and lustful. ” cum for me, cum for them wildly, passionately like you always do Amanda”, I thank him then loose all since of time and space. I scream out, I mew, I moan, it is tighter then ever before, I beg, I cum several times as he knows he can only make me react to his touch. My ears ring as he cums almost violently deep inside me as I spasm  again and again around him, my body arching off the bed as much as possible. He collapses on me as he unbinds my wrists and gathers me into his chest.

all of a sudden I notice a hand on my cheek, ” darling one, you are outstanding, thank you but we must run now” from a male voice. Sir, still holding me as tight as possible, I blush 15 different shades, shakes his hand and says maybe another time. I quiver again as a female voice says ” you are delicious”.